I’ll Have a Dude Christmas

I know I’m several days late, but Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!

I decided that this Christmas was a very successful one.. Especially for Dude. He made out like a bandit this year.

We’re not sure how much Dude understands about Christmas. He definitely gets the concept that he receives gifts (as evidenced by the fact that he started saying “No Christmas gifts” NONSTOP starting immediately after Halloween. See the “Dude Language Guide” to understand his use of the word “no”), but he doesn’t make a list or ask for anything. We just pay attention to his latest obsessions and try to pick out things we think he’ll like.

Back in the day, Dude couldn’t open his own presents. His fine motor skills were so poor that he couldn’t get his fingers to work in such a way that allowed him to tear into the wrapping paper. Now, he hardly has any problems (except when a certain sister forgets that she’s wrapping presents for her brother with fine motor difficulties and uses too much tape and makes it near impossible for him to open them. Sorry Dude!). On Christmas, as Dude was taking off bows and tearing through paper, Dad kept saying, “I remember when he couldn’t do any of this himself.”

Small victories, folks. Gotta be thankful for those small victories.

So what did Dude get this year?

Among his gifts were: Chippy the Chipmunk (a stuffed chipmunk that records your voice and plays it back to you in a higher pitch, like the TomCat app on the iPhone), Michael Buble’s latest Christmas cd, two stuffed Angry Birds that make the appropriate Angry Birds sounds when you hit them, an Angry Birds t-shirt, Maryland basketball tickets, a sound bites toy, a massive supply of the hard-to-find batteries that all his sound toys use, at least 5 different sound cards that played various holiday tunes, etc.!

Needless to say, Dude was a happy, happy camper on Christmas morning. He gathered up the sound cards, Chippy the Chipmunk, the Angry Birds, and the Michael Buble cd in his arms and headed straight for his room. Shortly thereafter, we could hear him replaying certain songs on the cd over and over and over while simultaneously recording himself singing along by using the Chipmunk.

It was wonderful seeing him enjoy the whole Christmas morning process so much 🙂


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