That E-Trade Baby

So, uhh, happy 2012… 16 days late.

Dude material has been scarce, or rather, unreported from my sources. But fear not! I was just home for a quick weekend visit and Dude did not disappoint.

Back story #1

On Sunday, we had “faux Christmas” with my dad’s side of the family up at my grandmom’s house. My aunt and uncle were traveling on the West Coast during the actual holidays, so that side of the family wasn’t able to get together until this weekend.

Back story #2

My grandmom has her TV on all the time. This is because she doesn’t really move from her recliner as a direct result of the toll smoking has taken on her health (COPD, lung cancer, etc. etc.).

(Tangent: If you smoke, STOP IT. If you are of my generation, you literally have NO GOOD REASON as to why you started smoking. You grew up knowing all the negatives. Smoking is widely known to be habit-forming and addictive, a huge financial burden, and extremely detrimental to your health. So if you’re of my generation, and you took up smoking, that leads me to believe that you are an idiot. Seriously. Don’t ask me to reassess that statement because I won’t. I’ve heard all the excuses: “I need a way to de-stress” [go to the gym], “I only do it when I drink” [when you’re in college… that’s ALL the time], “I can stop whenever I want” [talk to me when you’re a grandparent and have been on oxygen for over eight years because you could never stop], “My significant other smokes” [if you love them, get them to quit too]. So. Yea. Don’t smoke. And quit if you do. End tangent/rant.)

Dude-ism #84

As usual, Grandmom’s TV was set to football yesterday.

Dude, myself, and our aunt were sitting on the couch. The couch is set on a wall that is perpendicular to where the TV is. The person who sits on the couch closest to the TV can see the screen, but anyone on the couch past that person can’t really see.

Dude was sitting farthest from the TV, which was muted because we were talking to Grandmom about something.

All of a sudden, all of us heard him singing, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…”


Mom glanced at the TV and realized that the E-Trade baby commercial was on.


“He’s singing the song from the commercial,” Mom pointed out. “But how does he know that commercial is on? He can’t see the screen and the TV is muted!”

I was sitting next to Dude on the couch. I leaned closer to him and followed his gaze.

I smiled as the answer dawned on me.

You see, there is a large mirror directly across from the couch.

A mirror that, if you’re sitting on the far side of the couch, reflects the images from the TV.

Dude saw the commercial in the mirror’s reflection and decided to provide the audio that was missing! How thoughtful of him!


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