Fact: Maryland basketball prompts good hygiene practices

This past Saturday was the long-awaited day.

The day Dude has been looking forward to since the beginning of November.

I think I mentioned it a few times.

Like here.

And here.

And here.

That’s right! The whole family headed to the Palestra in Philadelphia to see a basketball face-off between the Terps and Temple.

The only snag in the plan was that Philadelphia decided to go and get snowed on for the first time since Halloween.

Which is why I received these texts on Friday night:

Dad (6:39pm): Guess what? We are staying at a hotel in the city! NOTHING WILL KEEP US FROM THE GAME TOMORROW!!!!!!

Dad (6:39pm): TERPS!!!!!!!!

Yep. My dad got a hotel room because he wasn’t about to have Dude miss the game. Dude takes his Maryland commitments very seriously and would have been highly disappointed if there was a change in plans.

Dude-ism #85

I met my family at the hotel Saturday morning to discover Dude decked out in his Maryland sweatpants, gold Maryland long-sleeved t-shirt, red and gold Maryland zip up sweatshirt, and his Maryland band hat.

As soon as I walked into the room, Mom said, “We’ve got a blog post for you.”

“Yea!” Dad agreed. “So you know how Dude is really slow moving in the morning and it’s impossible to get him out of bed and into the bath?”

“Yes?” I answered quizzically.

“Not this morning!” continued Dad. “When the alarm went off, he popped out of bed, came over and stood next to our bed, leaned down towards me and said, ‘Bath!'”

I am not being remotely hyperbolic when I say that this kid has NEVER in his LIFE asked for a bath. He observes proper hygiene protocols simply because our parents are the ones who prompt and oversee them (bathing, teeth brushing, deodorant usage, shaving, nail clipping, etc).

The promise of seeing a Maryland basketball game must have given him a little extra “oomph!”


Oh and there’s something else I wanted to say….

GO TERPS!!!! BEAT DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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