Dining out with Dude

Back story #1

Dude gets really antsy when there are misplaced hairs, fuzzies, or crumbs in his vision. As of late, he’s been somewhat obsessive about picking these objects up off of the table, carpet, person’s shirt, sofa, bed, etc. and throwing them away or putting them in what he considers a more appropriate place.

Back story #2

Typically, when Dad eats, he all but licks his plate clean.

Back story #3

When the family goes out to eat, either Mom or Dad always sit next to Dude to help him cut up his food and prompt him to eat.

Dude-ism #96

There are five birthdays in our extended family in March.

Our uncle’s birthday was last week. The family members who were available decided to go out for a nice Italian dinner to celebrate.

Dad was sitting next to Dude and talking with one of our aunts. He had finished eating, but his plate wasn’t as clean as it usually is.

Dude spotted and zeroed in on a crumb on Dad’s plate. He apparently decided that this just wasn’t going to do.

Dad was mid-sentence talking to our aunt when Dude reached over, picked the crumb up off of Dad’s plate, and shoved it in Dad’s mouth.


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