Hump, yo

Back story #1

As I have mentioned countless times, Dude likes to repeat things. You can read about a past instance here, if you’d like.

Dude-ism #98

I decided to make a trip to my parents’ house this weekend, and was discussing their Friday night plans with them. Dad asked if I wanted to go out with them and their neighborhood friends for happy hour.

“No offense, Dad.” I answered. “But I’d rather babysit for one of the families instead of going out with a bunch of middle-aged folks.”

“YES! Thank you for still considering us middle-aged!” Dad responded, pumping his fists in joy.

Mom called out from the laundry room, “What do you mean ‘consider us middle-aged?'” she asked Dad indignantly. “We ARE middle-aged!”

In the middle of this exchange, Dude wandered into the kitchen. He was paging through a circular, but we knew he was listening to every word like he always does.

“Dear,” Dad answered, “I think it’s safe to say we’re officially over the hump.”

A look of panic spread over his face as soon as the last word escaped his lips.

And rightfully so.

“HUMP, YO!” Dude gleefully proclaimed from the kitchen.

“Oops,” I grinned at Dad.

“Oopsie doopsie!” Dude laughed.


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