Did you know that Maryland hosts the Super Bowl? No? Me neither.

Back story #1

Dude started talking about going to see Maryland football games back in March. MARCH. The football season doesn’t start until September.

Back story #2

Sometimes, trying to talk to Dude when he first wakes up in the morning is pretty much impossible. He’ll completely ignore your attempts at engaging him in conversation, or, if he is willing to talk, he will do anything but answer the question you ask him.

Dude-ism #103

I was visiting the family this past weekend and came down the kitchen on Sunday morning around the same time Dude did.

“Good morning, Dude,” I said in greeting.

“Soon we go to Maryland in the fall,” Dude responded.

I decided to go along with his choice of greeting.

“What do we see when we go to Maryland?” I asked.

“Yep,” Dude answered.

Ok maybe my question wasn’t straightforward, I thought. Sometimes he doesn’t understand what I’m asking when I phrase it slightly abstractly.

I tried again, “What kind of game do we go to?”


“Do we go to a soccer game?” I asked.

“Yes! Yes!” Dude nodded emphatically.

A flat-out lie. He does that sometimes.

“No, silly! What game do we see when we go to Maryland?”

“Super Bowl.”

I wasn’t expecting that response. “Huh? Well… no. But you’re close! What sport do they play in the Super Bowl?”

“The NFL.”

Weird. I didn’t know that he knew the name of the league. “Dude, that’s the league. What kind of players play in the NFL?”


Sigh. “Football, Dude. We see a football game when we go to Maryland.”

“YES! YES!” he nodded, smiling.

I swear he does these kinds of things on purpose just to watch me get frustrated.


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