Dude does not appreciate The Roots + Carly Rae Jepsen

Back story #1

Every time I visit my family in the suburbs, I come bearing gifts from the internet. A new musical discovery, a funny video, a witty article, snarky tweets related to current events, etc.. I love to be amused and I love to share my amusement.

Dude-ism #105

Our mother is not very well-versed in the ways of the internetz, so she missed the awesomeness that was people doing silly things to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”

The video I thought her and Dude would appreciate was Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and Carly Rae Jepsen performing Call Me Maybe only using instruments that you would typically find in an elementary school classroom.


I LOVE IT. I love that The Roots and Jimmy Fallon just like to have a good time. It’s refreshing within an entertainment industry that’s full of people who take themselves waaaaaay too seriously.

Anyway. After dinner the other night, I whipped out my computer to share this gem with them.

We got no more than halfway through when Dude had had enough.

“Nosummerinthecity,” he said over the noise of Questlove’s kazoo.

I paused the video so I could hear better. The kid is always mumbling. “What?” I asked.

“No Summer in the City,” Dude repeated.

I looked at Mom. “Is that a song? I have no idea what he wants.”

Mom shrugged her response.

I searched YouTube and came up with the following:

“Is this what you wanted?” I asked Dude after listening for about 20 seconds to a song I had definitely never heard before.

“Yes yes,” he responded.

Oooooook then.


One thought on “Dude does not appreciate The Roots + Carly Rae Jepsen

  1. Dude’s “Jukebox In His Head” is amazing! And what prompts the song selections at such random times? It is the wonderment that is Dude!

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