Dude and the Errand Request

Back story #1

I think I’ve mentioned this multiple times, but in case I haven’t, it’s important for you to know that Dude LOVES sound toys. He loves keychains that play college fight songs, sock monkeys that sing and dance to Taio Cruz, greeting cards that play songs when you open them, etc.

The problem with these sound toys is that they often use button cell batteries, which tend to be very hard to come by. When the batteries die on one of Dude’s toys, Mom goes on a wild goose chase driving around to different dollar stores, trying to find these stinking batteries.

Back story #2

When someone in the family has to run an errand, they typically don’t ask Dude if he needs anything from the store. The house is fully stocked with his favorite snacks and toys, so his needs are met.

Dude-ism #107

While I was visiting the family this past weekend, I decided I needed to go to CVS.

As I was heading out the door, I passed Dude.

I had just asked Dad if he needed me to pick anything up, and I decided to ask Dude the same.

“Dude, do you need anything from CVS?”

“Yes. Yes,” Dude answered immediately.

“Oh really?” I asked, amused. “And what do you need?”

Dude didn’t hesitate.



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