The Little Mermaid

Back story #1

Our family is a family that likes our traditions. We always get take-out Chinese on Christmas Eve and watch A Muppet Christmas Carol. We always go to Red Lobster for Dude’s birthday dinner. We always play the license plate game while on vacation (one year, we got 46 out of the 50 states, INCLUDING Hawaii and Alaska!!!).

Back story #2

One of my favorite movies as a little girl was The Little Mermaid. I had Ariel pajamas, a bathing suit, a beach towel, a Barbie doll, etc. I sang music from the movie nonstop. My parents gifted me the soundtrack on cassette tape (yea.. how do you like that throwback?!). A tradition that grew out of my need to always attempt to sing like Ariel was that we would listen to The Little Mermaid soundtrack on the last 45 minutes of our drive to Cape May. The smell of the salty marshlands combined with triumphant reprise of Part of Your World always heralded the official beginning of vacation.

You might think that this tradition died off as I got older.

Clearly you don’t know me.

Once cassette tapes became a thing of the past, I went onto iTunes and downloaded the entire soundtrack into my library. Unfortunately, the family minivan does not have bluetooth; and the iPod auxiliary cable doesn’t work properly. Over the past few years, the family has had to contend with me singing/humming various songs from The Little Mermaid as we drive into Cape May.

Yes, I am in my mid-twenties.

No, I do not see a problem with that.

Back story #3

Dude never much cared for The Little Mermaid. Well.. let me rephrase that. Dude never cared for Ariel. My 4-year-old self would be gleefully singing along with Ariel, and silent tears would be rolling down 2-year-old Dude’s cheeks. Her voice was too high and tinny for his liking. Give him Sebastian all day long and keep your Ariel to yourself.

Dude-ism #109

The day we left for vacation this year, we piled into the van in the family driveway.

Dad had no sooner shifted the car into reverse when Dude said, “No CD.” (To understand Dude’s use of the word “no,” kindly refer to the Dude Language Guide.)

“Sorry, Dude,” Mom answered. “We don’t have any CDs.”

“Little Mermaid,” Dude stated, as he leaned forward to emphasize his point. “Little Mermaid CD.”


Ain’t nothing wrong with that kid’s memory.


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