My brother rides horses better than your brother

This post is all sorts of overdue, but oh well.

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but in case I haven’t, here it is. Dude has been doing therapeutic horseback riding (hippotherapy) for about five or six years now. There are several ideas behind hippotherapy, but the main one that drew my parents to it is that riding on a horse creates more awareness in a child or individual about his/her body. It helps you focus on your center of gravity, it promotes good posture, etc. Our mom says that the first time she ever saw Dude sit up straight was the first time he got on a horse. She may or may not have cried.

The organization Dude rides with does a “student show” once or twice a year. This is an opportunity for the students to demonstrate the skills they have worked on and to actually compete for ribbons in their age groups. They had their fall show back towards the end of September.

I had never seen Dude on a horse before, so I decreed that I wanted to go. Then our grandparents decided to come. Then all of my mom’s sisters and one of their husbands decided to come. Then one of the women who helps out with Dude in the morning decided to come.

All in all, Dude had a cheering section of 10-12 people. The largest cheering section there. Not that it’s a competition. But if it was, we totally would have won.

I had every intention of taking tons of wonderful photos. Unfortunately, the light from the end of the barn made all of my photos very dark when my flash went off. So I turned off the flash, but then all of my pictures came out blurry. So, I’m left with a few below-par photos and a short video.

Something’s better than nothing, though! So.. I give you.. Mr. Dude Riding a Horse!

The theme for the student show was “Endless Summer.” Students were encouraged to wear Hawaiian shirts along with their riding pants/boots. I assure you that this is not how we normally dress Dude.


Brother and sister before Dude competed.

Beginning his ride with Oreo the horse!



Post-ride. Posing for pictures in front of the family.


With our aunts and uncle.


Ribbon ceremony.


Posing with his yellow ribbon with Mom!!! (3rd place out of 5). HECK YEA!


Dude’s favorite nonchalant pose. He was unimpressed by the whole afternoon. Typical Dude.


Dude was very chill about the whole day. Not overly happy. Not overly anxious. Just mellow. We were all incredibly proud, though!


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