Christmas songs according to Dude

As I have mentioned in the past, when Dude sings along to songs, he often likes to change the lyrics. Instead of the singing the actual ones, he’ll insert some of his favorite phrases while simultaneously adding his own twist on the harmonies.

Dude-ism #121

In our family, we abide by the “After Thanksgiving Rule.” No Christmas music, Christmas movies, etc. until after Thanksgiving.

As we were pulling out the Christmas tree and ornaments on Saturday, we were blaring some of our favorite tunes. Dude stood guard by the speakers, soaking in the music and offering his special Dude twist on the lyrics and harmonies.

A sampling of his substitutions:

“Santa Baby”

What the line should have been: If you check off my Christmas list

Dude’s line: Soon we go to basketball game

“Little Drummer Boy”

What the line should have been: When we come

Dude’s line: Red Lobster


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