A variation on nighttime prayers

A couple weeks ago, our parents indulged in a quick getaway because their favorite daughter in the world stumbled across an amazing Groupon deal a few months prior and encouraged them to jump at the opportunity.

For the two nights they were away, I stayed at their house and cared for Dude. We went through the typical nighttime routine, including saying the prayers we were taught to say when we were little.

Dude-ism #124

Dude sometimes likes to put a slight variation on his prayers.

On this particular night, he was in a silly mood and was grinning as he settled in to his pillows.

“Time for prayers!” I announced.

Dude dropped his voice to a whisper.

“I see the moon, yo.

And the moon sees me, yo.

God bless the moon, baby.

And God bless me, yo.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, yo.”


Editor’s note: Selfishly, I ardently wish that I had written my response to the TIME article, “Redefining Crazy,” before Friday, December 14th. Because now that article has even bigger implications and requires even more of a well thought out response than before. I just don’t have it in me to write it right now because I am beyond upset and troubled at the events that took place in Newtown, CT. In the meantime, I have been inundating my Facebook Newsfeed with articles educating people about the non-existent link between autism spectrum disorders (ASD), including Asperger’s, and premeditated violence. Please, PLEASE don’t think that the actions of one individual are indicative of an entire community. Whether authorities end up confirming that the gunman was diagnosed with a developmental disorder like Asperger’s, or a psychiatric diagnosis of schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder, or something else. Please find it in your heart to recognize that he and he alone is responsible.

If you’d like to read more about Asperger’s and planned violence, please consider these articles from CNN and US News and World Report.


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