Dude’s Christmas Miracle

Have I mentioned Alien before?

Alien is Dude’s beloved sound recording toy. You press one of its eyes and speak into it. It records your voice and then you can either speed it up to make you sound like a chipmunk, or slow it down so that you’re in slow motion.

If you look closely at Dude’s graduation pictures, you can see Alien clutched in his hand. It’s his comfort object.

His comfort object that got lost over a year ago.

We have no idea where it went. We tore apart his room looking for it in every nook and cranny. For weeks, Dude asked for it. “Alien. No Alien. Alien, where are you?” he said in his sing songy voice. Over and over and over. Eventually, we gave up and so did he.

Dude-ism #125

On Monday evening, Mom and Dad were sitting in the family room watching TV. Suddenly, they heard Dude behind them.

Batteries. No batteries.” (To understand Dude’s use of the word “no,” kindly refer to the Dude Language Guide.)

Mom sighed without turning around, “Dude, your Maryland keychains are completely broken. New batteries won’t work in them.”

“Batteries,” Dude said insistently. “Batteries please.”


Fun fact: Alien used to be a dark grey color. Dude held it so much, that there isn’t a fleck of grey left.

He moved into their line of vision and extended his arm towards them.

Clutched in his hand was.. ALIEN.

“HOLY COW!” Dad exclaimed.

We have no idea where he found it. But he did.

Mom pulled out the battery box. “Alien has been lost for a very long time, Dude,” she cautioned. “New batteries may not make it work.”

“Batteries. Batteries please,” was Dude’s response.

Low and behold, new batteries did the trick. Dad called to tell me about the miracle. About how Dude’s face lit up with pure joy as soon as he heard Alien make a beep to signal it was recording. While we were on the phone, he was sitting by himself in the living room, talking gibberish into Alien and contentedly giggling.


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