You think you have eclectic taste in music? You got nothing on Dude

In preparation for Dude’s move next week, we have frantically been typing up everything a person needs to know about him to make Dude as comfortable as possible (read: I have been doing most of the typing/writing).

In the “About Dude” document I put together, I covered his nicknames, comfort objects, most commonly used words/phrases (stolen from the Dude Language Guide), YouTube videos that will always make him laugh, and songs that are currently stuck in his head.

When I got to the songs section, I typed out the three that he walks around singing all the time. I didn’t think twice about it.

But then I looked at the text as if I was a person who didn’t know Dude and didn’t know our family.

And I BUSTED out laughing.

The three songs Dude sings phrases from on a daily basis?

  1. C’est Si Bon by Danny Kaye
  2. Go to Sleep Little Baby from O Brother Where Art Thou
  3. Gangnam Style by PSY



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