You know Dude?? Part 2

Last year, I found myself chatting with a guy I went to high school with who had no idea who I was, but he knew Dude. I found that to be utterly hilarious.

Fast forward to St. Patty’s Day weekend this year. It was the Friday night right after we officially decided Dude was going to move out. I drove out from the city after work so we could do a family Ikea run to pick out Dude’s new bedroom furniture. (He was still rocking the same furniture from when he was 5 years old. It was time for an update.)

A 6:30pm internet search informed us the closest Ikea closed at 9pm. The decision was made to skip dinner and head right for the store.

grumpy cat

Kind of like Grumpy Cat

I feel like this is pretty standard for people, but when my dad and I get hungry and/or tired, we get GRUMPY. Like two-year-old-who-hasn’t-napped-in-two-days grumpy.

Fast forward a bed frame, tall dresser, regular dresser, and nightstand later. Tempers were short.

We drove to one of Dude’s favorite restaurants, Applebees. As we walked up and got a look inside, we groaned. We had completely forgotten it was St. Patty’s Day weekend. It was 9pm on a Friday night, we hadn’t eaten anything in hours, the place was packed with a bunch of hormonal, giggly preteens, and everything was green.

To make matters worse, the waitress who bounded up to our table was one of those annoyingly perky waitresses who speaks in a high pitched voice and seems to live for bad server-patron banter.

My grumpy, food-deprived brain inwardly grimaced at her googly shamrock headband and thought unkind things.

“Hey!” she stopped her banter as she noticed Dude. “I know you!”

Three sets of eyes turned toward her in amazement. Dude was oblivious.

“Yea!” she continued. “You were in on Wednesday with a young lady. Chicken fingers, french fries, and chocolate milk, right?”

As a matter of fact, Dude had been in a few days before with one of his respite workers for an early dinner. Chicken fingers, french fries, and chocolate milk is what he ALWAYS orders.

In that moment, I decided maybe her googly shamrock headband wasn’t so silly after all.

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