Do the Harlem Shake

In honor of Mother’s Day, we headed up to Dude’s house with plans to go out for a late lunch.

Soon after we walked in, Dude spotted my new iPhone (I took the plunge and recently made the switch from Droid. All I can say is the iPhone is about 1000x more intuitive to use than my Droid ever was).

Dude made a grab for my phone and tried to swipe it open. He realized he needed a password to get into it.

“CON LOS TERRORISTAS! AH. AH. AH,” he said excitedly as he handed my phone back to me.

“Do you want to watch the Maryland Harlem Shake?” I asked.

“Yes! Yes!” Dude nodded happily.

Somehow, some way, the media team at University of Maryland got the students to follow instructions and put on this display at the annual game against Duke (Duke, in Maryland’s eye, is our arch rival.. Although Coach K and the rest of the ACC seem to think we’re delusional).

The video’s existence is kind of a miracle considering that Maryland fans are notorious for paying little mind to authority and doing whatever they darn well please. Don’t believe me? Do an internet search and you’ll find multiple articles naming us the worst college basketball fans in the country. Ironically, the struggle for worst fans almost always comes down to us and Duke. It’s a badge we wear with honor 🙂

Anyway, this video is one of Dude’s favorites to watch. So thank you, Maryland students, for making it happen!


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