Oops–Dude lost Alien again

Dear readers,

I have a favor to ask of you.. especially if you are a resourceful user of the Internetz.

You see.. Dude’s Alien has gone missing.

LOST: Voice recorder/modifier shaped as an alien's head NAME: Answer's to the name of "Alien." COLOR: Originally steel gray, but color faded because of use SIZE: Fits in the palm of an adult-sized hand FUNCTION: Press an eye to record your voice. A switch on the side will either modify your voice to slo-mo or fast-mo

LOST: Voice recorder/modifier shaped as an alien’s head
NAME: Answers to the name “Alien.”
COLOR: Originally steel gray, but color faded because of use. Now a soft cream/white color
SIZE: Fits in the palm of an adult-sized hand
FUNCTION: Press an eye to record your voice. A switch on the side will either modify your voice to slo-mo or fast-mo
REWARD: Undying gratitude from our family and 2056 karma points

Alien is Dude’s voice recording/modifying comfort object. I may have mentioned it just a few times on this blog. Like here, here, here, or here.

Throughout the past two months of transition — from finding out about his residential placement, to actually moving, to just passing his one month anniversary in his new home — Alien has been Dude’s constant.. his anchor.

Moving just sort of happened to him. Dude didn’t get a choice in the matter. Yes, moving out of your parents’ home is a natural step in life, but it’s a step that most young adults get to decide for themselves. I chose to go to college, I chose to live at home for the first year I was working, and then when I couldn’t take the suburbs any longer, I chose to move out. Me. My decision. All mine.

Even though we firmly believe it was the best possible decision for Dude, he had no say in this transition. And unfortunately, we can’t know exactly how Dude feels about that because he doesn’t have the expressive language to tell us. However, behavior IS communication, and his behavior over the past month has been making it clear that he is not taking this change lightly (I haven’t felt the need to get into it here. Nothing bad has happened, but Dude has definitely been keeping things interesting).

Right. So. Alien.

Alien is something that is all his. It is something he can control. It’s comforting to him when things around him are hectic or changing or upsetting.

Because Alien is so precious to him, our family had adopted a strict “Alien stays in the house” rule. We lost it before and Dude was beside himself. Therefore, we were terrified of losing it again.

Unfortunately, Alien made it out of Dude’s new house last week. We haven’t a clue where it ended up.

So, your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to track down a replacement Alien on the Internetz.

I have tried, and failed, to locate anything similar via Amazon, Google, eBay, etc. We can’t even remember how old Alien is.. maybe over 10 years old?

I listed all the specifics of what it does, how large it is, etc. under the caption of the photo above.

Any leads would be SUPER helpful. If you take any time out of your day to halfheartedly do an internet search, even if you don’t find anything, I sincerely thank you 🙂

Most affectionately,

A big sister who wants to make her brother happy

Editor’s note: Bonus points if you read the title of this blog post and sang it in your head to the tune of Britney Spears’s “Oops I Did it Again.” If you did, you’re starting to think like Dude :p

UPDATE: 15 minutes after I posted this, my best friend from college calls me. “Hello?” “I found it!” “WHAT?” “It’s in the UK and I don’t know if they ship to the US, but I found it!!!” AMBER, YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE GODDESS! 2 MILLION KARMA POINTS FOR YOU!


6 thoughts on “Oops–Dude lost Alien again

  1. So this might not be extremely helpful, but I found what I think is the same recorder in a geocache site. It looks like “TeamJesus” (I kid you not) had it last. Perhaps you could contact them to see if they a) still have it, or b) could tell you where it is? A long shot, I know, but I thought I’d pass it along. I’ll keep browsing! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=269611

    • Yep.. That’s definitely it!!!! I’m not sure what I love more.. the fact that you took time to look for this or the fact that it’s a trackable item on a geocache site and was last found by TeamJesus in Northeast PA. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

      If nothing else had come up, I may or may not have gone on a little excursion to upstate PA!!

  2. I remember, like it was yesterday, how excited I was some ten years ago when I found the Alien device. It was during that period in Dude’s life when he was first showing interest in other individuals and beginning to pay attention to what they had to say. So, of course, my job as manager of all things related to Dude, was to seek out a sound toy/device which would facilitate this emerging skill. Alien worked on so many levels. Not only did it encourage Dude to initiate interaction with other people (a skill very difficult for kids on the spectrum) but the voice modulator feature of Alien simply was the icing on the cake. Whether the individual’s voice was turned into a “munchkin-type” voice or a slow-motion robotic voice, it provided memorable moments for Dude and the willing participant to share a genuine interaction. Dude’s laugh (he often laughed so hard he snorted) and the huge smile which always scrunched his eyes closed as he replayed the modulated voice for all to hear NEVER got old. Dude never wanted or needed an expensive gaming device but a $6.00 sound toy found at a local Kmart or Walmart several years ago, allowed his band of loyal family and friends to witness pure joy in Dude whenever his beloved Alien was tucked in his hand.

    So, Amber, not only do you deserve countless karma points for providing such a promising lead to find a replacement for Alien, but I am considering writing to the new Pope to nominate you for sainthood! Thank you for caring enough to try to make things right again in Dude’s world. You have touched our hearts beyond words but our Dude has a special gift of bringing out the best in other individuals.

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