My brother is a traitor–Maryland vs. Penn State

Those of you who obsess over NCAA sports may have heard that Maryland decided to leave the ACC for the Big 10.

Last week, I received an email from Maryland’s Athletic Department, outlining the 2014 football schedule. Yep. Not THIS season’s schedule, but NEXT season’s schedule.

And there it was.

November 1, 2014.

Maryland vs. Penn State AT Happy Valley.

Dude’s two favorite teams. His two favorite marching bands.

Mom called me while she was visiting with Dude last night so I could talk to him as well.

Dude’s concept of time isn’t great–or at least we think it isn’t–but I decided I simply HAD to tell him about this magical event.

“Dude!” I yelled into the phone, giddy with excitement, “Guess who Maryland football is playing next year?”



“Penn State, yo!” Dude responded happily.

“Who are you going to cheer for?” I asked.

I structured the order of the options very specifically. If you give Dude two spoken word options without tangible visible cues, he tends to repeat whatever option you say last.

“Penn State or Maryland?” I asked.

“Penn State!” Dude responded instantaneously.

Sigh. I don’t think Dude quite grasps team loyalty.


2 thoughts on “My brother is a traitor–Maryland vs. Penn State

  1. So two things:
    Maybe Dude DOES have team loyalty, it just doesn’t align with yours. He has never had to make this decision before. He true allegiance comes to the fore!
    I too have been receiving 2014 season emails. Is there any truth to the rumor that UMD is skipping the 2013 season completely to ready themselves for 2014? Any insight from the Terp fans??

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