Happy Birthday, Dude!


As a Facebook friend pointed out, “I see his eyebrows came back nicely :)”

Dear Mr. Dude,

Mom texted me this picture this morning while she was visiting you and told me you said, “Hi Julianne, yo!” Well I say, “Happy birthday, yo!” I can’t believe you’re now officially into your mid-twenties.

It’s been a big year with a lot of changes, but I hope you always know that we love you very much! The According to Dude followers think you’re kind of awesome too. You have tons of people in your corner!

Have a great time at the Phillies game tonight with Dad and I’ll see you on Sunday for your bowling birthday party (assuming I don’t die or end up in the hospital because of the Tough Mudder on Saturday).


Gratuitous baby Dude photo. On his 2nd birthday.

Love you always,




3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dude!

  1. I laughed out loud when I read the comment from your Facebook friend because I had literally had the exact same thought about his eyebrows when I was reviewing the photo at his house this morning before texting it to you!! Yes, Dude’s eyebrows are back and bushier than ever . . . and it took less than 2 months!!
    Thanks for sharing the photo from his 2nd Bday. I can vividly remember how hot it was that day and how totally unimpressed Dude was with the chaos ensuing all around him as he tried to “process” the insanity of this thing called a birthday party which was supposed to make him happy — NOT!!

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