Real life Angry Birds

One of the staffers at Dude’s house really enjoys gardening. This works out well because the house is on a decent-sized lot and boasts a variety of plant-life.

One day, she wanted to make an arrangement out of flowers from their garden to brighten up the kitchen. She had Dude accompany her in the backyard.

The back of the property backs up to an open field. Apparently there were several large, loud squawking crows or blackbirds hanging out right where the backyard met the field. This is where the staffer headed to pick the flowers.

Dude hesitated, cautiously watching the birds.

“Come on, Dude!” she encouraged in her cheery way.

The crows/blackbirds continuing squawking. Dude remained firmly planted in his spot.

“Angry Birds. Heh heh heh,” he responded.


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