Independence Day

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have gathered that Dude has a good memory. Like, really good.

Two years ago, I celebrated my first 4th of July in my new apartment by having my extended family over for a roof deck cookout. After we finished up eating, we headed down to the river to see the U.S. Army Band perform. We then returned to the apartment to enjoy the panoramic view of the city’s fireworks.

Fast forward to yesterday. After taking a break last year, I invited everyone to my apartment for 4th of July 2013. I told them we were going to nix the concert part and just relax on the roof for the night.

The second Dude walked in to my apartment, he turned to me and said, “No concert. No concert.” (To understand Dude’s use of the word “no,” kindly refer to the Dude Language Guide.)

I thought I was doing something nice by hosting a holiday get-together and all I did was disappoint my brother because there was no U.S. Army Band involved. Whoops.

4th of july

At least the view was nice!


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