Liebster Award

Annie from Simple, I Just Do recently subscribed to my blog, and promptly nominated me for a Liebster Award. That seemed very nice, but I had no idea what a Liebster Award was. After doing some research, I learned that these awards are given to bloggers who have less than 200 subscribers. They’re nominated by a fellow blogger who feels their work deserves to be noticed. Well, shucks! Thanks Annie!

I figure this is a nice little departure from what I usually write about, so here we go! I’m going to do half of the assignment now and finish the rest up later.

First step, rules:

Thank the Liebster-winning Blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.

– Post 11 interesting facts about yourself.

– Answer the 11 questions your nominator asked.

– Create 11 questions for your nominees. (I’ll do this later)

– Nominate 11 blogs of 200 followers or less which you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen. (I’ll do this later, too.)

– Display the Liebster Award logo.

11 Interesting Facts About Myself

1. My two go-to movies that I would watch every single time I was sick growing up were The Sound of Music and Twister. I’ve literally lost count of how many times I’ve seen them. I can quote/sing my way through them easily.

2. I’m exceedingly independent and love that about myself, though I sometimes think I may be a bit too independent for my own good.

3. I am not a fan of running/jogging. No matter what I do, it never gets easier for me. I gradually quit the sports that required nonstop running (soccer, basketball) and stuck with the ones that involved shorter bursts (volleyball, dance). However, I’m trying to incorporate jogging into my schedule more, since it requires no equipment and I can do it anywhere (on vacation, while traveling for work, etc.).

4. My dad and I entered a local volleyball doubles tournament when I was 13 and he was in his early 40s. He was the oldest person playing and I was the youngest. We came in last or second to last in our division, but we had fun!

5. As an adult, I’ve been working my way through literature classics that I never got around to reading in high school. During winter break my senior year of college, I went to the local Barnes and Noble and bought Gone with the Wind. The cashier, a self-important guy somewhere in his 20s, looked at me dubiously when I put it down on the counter. “You’re going to read this?” he asked, condescendingly. “Yes,” I replied, chin held high and indignant. When I finished it a week or so later, I almost went back to the store to find him, slam the book down on the counter in front of him, and yell, “DONE!” in his face. But I didn’t. ‘Cause I’m a lady.

6. I think I would make a really good multimillion dollar lottery winner because I HATE spending money (seriously… it pains me) and don’t believe in buying frivolous things. My splurges would include: traveling whenever I want to wherever I want and staying in a modest hotel instead of a hostel, buying a hybrid car, doing whatever graduate studies program I wanted because I didn’t have to worry about debt, and buying a comfortable-sized house when I was ready for that step in life. Besides that, I would save everything else for retirement, care for my brother if he ever needed it, my hypothetical future child’s college fund, etc.

7. In this technology age, I get very frustrated by how difficult it has become to stay in touch with friends and even family. I’ve lived enough life that I now have friends strewn all over the country and world and I’ve learned that it takes legitimate WORK to keep on fostering those relationships. It’s sad and frustrating when you are willing to put in the work and others aren’t.

8. On the introvert-extrovert scale, I’m somewhere in-between with a definite leaning towards introvert. I’m extroverted with close friends and my immediate family and introverted in new situations with strangers or casual acquaintances. It can take awhile for me to really, truly become buddy-buddy with people. After prolonged socializing, I definitely feel the need to be by myself and “recharge” my batteries.

9. None of the Hollywood actors I have crushes on are the “traditionally handsome” type. I’m way more likely to find them attractive if they have a legit sense of humor and don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. That is why John Krasinski has been my boyfriend since 2006. (I was going to link to the video of his lip-syncing contest with Jimmy Fallon, but it appears it was removed from YouTube, so you’re just going to have to trust me when I say it reaffirmed my love for him. It was hysterical. And awesome.)

10. I don’t drink caffeinated beverages. I love the smell of coffee, but hate the taste. I always preferred water over soda. And when I do drink tea, it’s normally decaffeinated green tea. People are completely baffled when I tell them this.

11. Making sure I’m taking care of myself mental health-wise is one of the top three most important things to me. Everything else in your life loses meaning if you are not in a good place mentally.

11 Questions asked by Annie

1. Mac or PC?

PC. I can’t bring myself to learn a different operating system.

2. Best book series you’ve ever read?

Harry Potter. The series was on the second book when I discovered them in 5th grade. I was hooked immediately. When I was still too young to do the midnight releases, I would beg my mom to drive me to Sam’s Club at 7am to pick up the book. Upon returning home, I would lock myself in my room and would not emerge until the book was done. No exaggeration. My parents didn’t see me for 10 hours when The Deathly Hallows came out. When I finished that last book, I was devastated. Devastated because it was definitively over. I’m already plotting when would be a good age to start reading Harry Potter to a hypothetical future child. And if said hypothetical future child does NOT like Harry Potter, they’re out of the will.

3. Favorite section of the art museum to visit?

Renaissance through Impressionism. I despise modern art. DESPISE. IT.

4. Most annoying thing (that bothers me)?

I ALWAYS sign my name to work emails. The spelling is right there for contacts to reference before hitting “Send” on their response. Consequently, I find it the height of carelessness/rudeness when I get emails addressed to, “Julie, Julie Ann, Julia, Julieann, Juliette, Juliana, Joanne, Joanna, Judi, Julian, etc.” Yes. I have been addressed by each of those names at one point or another. I take the time to make sure I’m spelling your name correctly. I expect the same courtesy.

5. Night Owl or Early Riser?

Since I consider it a massive victory if I can sleep past 8am on a Saturday, I’d have to say early riser. While I don’t love waking up before 7am, I can do it and be fairly pleasant and ready to go quickly. I’m at my best when I can sleep till at least 8 though. On the flip side, it is an absolute struggle for me to stay up into the early hours of the morning.

6. What would your friends say is your best quality?

They’d probably say my organization skills because they have directly benefited from them since the day I walked into their lives. We’ve done getaway weekends, dinners, etc. and I’m almost always the one who heads the activities up. A year or so out of college, one of my friends was trying to organize our group to do something. No one was paying attention to him, giving him straight answers about our preferences, etc. “OH MY GOD. IT’S LIKE HERDING CATS,” he finally yelled. I gleefully responded, “NOW YOU KNOW HOW I’VE FELT ON A DAILY BASIS FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS.”

7. At what temperature do you turn on the AC?

If it hits 80 degrees inside the apartment on two or more consecutive days in a row and there is no sign of the weather pattern turning cooler, the AC needs to go on.

8. Beaches or mountains?

Ooooh I like both, but I would be devastated if I didn’t get to the beach at least once a year. So, beach!

9. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is so not healthy, but if I’m being honest, the answer is bread.

10. Worst chore?

Ironing. There are dresses/blouses I haven’t worn all spring and summer because I don’t want to iron them. I prefer cleaning the bathroom over ironing. Seriously.

11. Current guilty pleasure?

My roommates and I always watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Sad, I know. But we love mocking them 🙂



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