I’ll Be There for You

Have you ever watched “Friends?”

That’s a silly question. Of course you have.

Since you’ve seen the show, that means you’ve heard the iconic theme song, “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts.

For the sake of this story, it’s important for you to listen to the song in its entirety. Pay special attention to the harmonies and the guitar solo that occurs about halfway through.

You listened? Carefully? Promise?

Ok, so Dad and Dude go and get their hair cut every six weeks or so. They were due last week, so Dad drove up to Dude’s house to pick him up for their appointment.

While in the car, “I’ll Be There for You” came on the radio.

Dude started singing along, which isn’t unusual. However, when he typically sings along to songs, he’ll sing/hum a phrase, stop, and maybe pick it up a few strains later. He doesn’t do a constant, unbroken stream.

In this particular instance, he started singing the music harmonies, vocal harmonies, etc. The melody was apparently too boring for him to give his attention to. When it comes to music, it’s almost like Dude thinks to himself, “Why stick with the most basic thing I could do when I’m capable of so much more?”

At the guitar break, Dude sang the solo. Perfectly. Every note. Every run. No pauses or cut off phrases. Completely unbroken. He threw in some of his stimmy words so that the consonants matched up with the guitar notes, but otherwise sang “da da da” to match the guitar strums.

Dad was so excited, he texted me at 7:15 the next morning asking for me to call him so he could tell me an awesome Dude story.


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