Dude speak

I have an audio file that I want to upload, but I can’t figure out how to accomplish that, so you’re getting the less interesting medium of words.

Every year on vacation, Mom and Dad treat themselves to a date night. They go out for a fancy dinner and Dude and I hang out. This year, we headed to the arcade to pass the time. While walking back to our place at the end of the night, I was compelled to record a voice memo on my phone. I wanted to capture the hilariously shifting gears of Dude’s brain as we walked along.

Me, in the recording: “Walking on the boardwalk, Dude jumps from “Afro Circus,” to “Whoomp There It Is,” to “Hey Jude,” to “Jungle Boogie,” to “Manha Manha.”

At the mention of “Manha Manha,” Dude cut in with the word he associates with that song:

Dude: In the wash for the phenomenon. It’s gone! It’s gone!

Me: It’s gone!

Dude: Empty for the fooooyacksem

Me, laughing: What?

Dude: All gone for the shoooooo

Me, playing along with the script: All gone for the shooooo

Dude: In the wash for the shooooo

Me: Shoooooo

Dude: In the wash

Me: What’s in the wash?

Dude: What’s in the wash?

Me: I don’t know.. You tell me!

Dude, sing songy: What’s in the waaaash?

It’s more entertaining in the recording. Or at least I think it is.

But anyway, let’s break down the only song choice that I understood out of the bunch.

Dude started singing Afro Circus about 30 seconds after we left the arcade. It took me a second to figure out why, but then I realized that the game next to the skee ball lane we were on was playing the traditional circus theme, which is what is used in the Afro Circus song.


I have no idea where the other songs came from. But he sang about 5-10 seconds from grincheach and jumped between all of them over the course of two minutes. And then he threw in some, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” just for good measure.

The kid cracks me up.


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