Dude, the reluctant sharer

This past Friday was Mom’s birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! Sending you many warm and fuzzy thoughts for the year to come!

mom bday (2)

Mom and her kids celebrating her birthday!

To celebrate, our immediate family and grandparents headed out for a late lunch on Saturday afternoon.

Dude ordered his standard chicken fingers and french fries.

I managed to practice some self-control and ordered a fairly healthy meal. When I finished it, I gazed longingly at Dude’s mainly untouched french fries. My self-control wavered.

“Dude,” I began. “May I please have one french fry?”

Dude set down his fork. His hand hovered over his fries. After scanning the plate of medium- to large-sized fries, he picked up the SMALLEST fry on the plate and handed it over to me.

I swear he did it on purpose.


Now I know to specify the size of the french fry the next time I ask my dear brother to share.



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