Blue ribbon! & Winter predictions

Dude has his annual therapeutic horseback riding show a few weeks ago. This year’s theme was “Safari.” Sadly, I couldn’t make it, so our parents kept me apprised of the day’s happenings with texts and photos.

Turns out Mr. Dude had a great ride and earned himself a shiny new BLUE RIBBON! Which he was SUPER excited about, as you can see from the photo below. 

I would have liked to congratulate Dude via FaceTime, but SOMEBODY forgot to call me EVEN THOUGH I ASKED HIM TO. Ahem. Dad. 

horseshow (2)

Going through the course with Oreo.

Dude is completely not impressed with his award

Dude is completely not impressed with his award










Also, I bear bad tidings of the winter to come. 

Apparently horses grow winter coats. According to the people at Dude’s stables, the earlier their coats come in, the worse of a winter is looming. And their horses already have their winter coats. Sooooo that’s just great. (Editor’s note: I HATE being cold and likely have a slight to moderate case of Seasonal Affective Disorder. As such, I have a strong dislike for winter.)

One thought on “Blue ribbon! & Winter predictions

  1. Ouch Julianne, ouch. We had a few things going on that day and there was a lot of hubbub happening! And I am getting old . . . . !

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