The time my blog exploded because of Harry Connick, Jr.

If my stats and subscription count are any indication, it appears there are some new followers around these parts. I have Harry Connick Jr.’s team to thank for that. Somehow, a member of his team saw my last post and reached out to me to see about:

  1. sending Dude ALL of Harry’s Christmas CDs (thankyouthankyouthankyou! Our parents have most of them, but Dude doesn’t have hisΒ own copies),
  2. sharing the story on Harry’s Facebook page (scroll down to the post from December 3rd).

As I’m always happy to spread a little autism awareness and Harry Connick Jr. appreciation, I obliged and was completely overwhelmed by the response! The post got almost 2,800 “likes,” 130 “shares,” and multiple positive comments!

If you’re new around here.. welcome! Thanks for joining us!

Here are some posts that serve as a good introduction to the wonderful world of Dude.

Meet Dude

The Body of Christ.. and an innocent church goer

Big hug!

Deck the halls (another Harry Connick Jr. story!)

It turns out Dude DOES like me


Fact: My brother judges me

“The Family”

Soon we go to Maryland.. IN NOVEMBER

The time Mom shaved off Dude’s eyebrows

Enjoy! πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “The time my blog exploded because of Harry Connick, Jr.

  1. This is seriously awesome.. I even reactivated my Facebook for a second to check it out! Also I absolutely love that you added the eyebrow story to the list of necessary reads hahaha personal favorite πŸ™‚

  2. I came over from the HCjr post on FB, and I read every single post in one sitting. I feel like I know you guys now! So hi from Richmond, VA – I figured I’d not lurk since you wrote a nice welcome post…

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