Aca-scuse me?

I hadn’t seen Dude in person since the holidays, so last weekend I arranged to have a sibling day. Mom decided to tag along too since between a lingering illness and snow storms she hadn’t had her mid-week date night with Dude in over two weeks. Dad would have liked to play along, but he was just beginning to recover from “the plague” and didn’t want to run the risk of infecting Dude. We Facetimed with him though, so Dude got in some quality Dad time too.

We went to see Frozen, which was pretty cute. Dude greatly enjoyed the movie. He giggled at the reindeer’s grunts and the snow monster’s roars and had fun repeating some of the words he thought were silly.

He also ate his weight in popcorn! We got a large popcorn (one of those big buckets) to split between the three of us. No joke, I think Dude ate slightly more than half of it! He kept passing his snack cup over to me to refill for him. I couldn’t stop laughing! (Dude typically is not a huge eater.)

At dinner afterwards, Dude proceeded to suck down three large glasses of chocolate milk (even though he had had two juice boxes during the movie) and ate all of his chicken fingers and french fries. We were impressed!

Back at his house, we popped in an old VHS tape of a PBA bowling special for Dude to watch. He was relaxed, sprawled out on his couch, and kept grabbing my hands to “pat my back please.”

We started going through his favorite scripts. At some point, I started singing the Pitch Perfect version of “Since U Been Gone.” He really likes a cappella because of the ways the singers handle the vocal instrumentation (percussion beats, baselines, etc.). “Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom” is silly and repetitive, but also makes perfect musical sense to him.

Anyway, Dude and I have a routine when singing songs. I’ll sing a few words and then pause, allowing him to fill in the next word or words in the phrase.

“Here’s the thing, we started off..” I sang.

“Friends,” Dude finished.

“It was cool, but it was…”

All gonna dieeee.”

Errrrrrrrrrr. Aca-scuse me?


By the way, if you haven’t since Pitch Perfect, you should get on that ASAP. It made my dad giggle like a little girl.



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