Everything Is Awesome!

I can’t believe I’m about to sit through this movie.

That’s the thought that was running through my head two weekends ago as Dude and I were sitting in a darkened movie theater waiting for The Lego Movie to begin.

I had seen some friends post on Facebook that they saw it and enjoyed it, but I wasn’t convinced. I figured as long as Dude liked it (and he tends to like anything animated), I would be happy.

Welp, it turns out I LOVED that movie. I am not at all ashamed to say it. With the voice stylings of Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Will Arnett, and others, it was pure gold. I was giggling throughout the entire thing and I’ve had this terrible but catchy song stuck in my head on and off for the past week:

There was one point during the movie when a small robot army starts singing “Everything is Awesome.” If there is one thing my brother loves, it’s alien/robot voices. He was laughing so hard that I thought he was going to fall out of his seat and/or choke on his popcorn. (I recommend neither.)

Dude found a few phrases funny and repeated them, mimicking the characters’ tone, to himself and to me throughout the movie. The great part about being in a theater where the average age is 8? No one cares if there is some extra murmuring! Score!

Afterwards, I planned to take Dude out for an early dinner. The shopping center where the movie theater is has several restaurants to choose from.

Instead of asking Dude to select from the options available, I made the mistake of asking him the open-ended question, “Where would you like to eat for dinner?”

He considered this for about seven seconds before he answered, “Red Lobster!” in his sing songy voice.

Literally the ONLY restaurant that was nowhere nearby. The closest one was a 30 minute drive away.

Once I explained that Red Lobster wasn’t an option, Dude settled for TGI Fridays and happily dug into his chicken fingers, french fries, and chocolate milk.

We were so early for dinner that they sat us in the bar area, where there were quite a few middle-aged individuals who are totally cool with day drinking at a TGI Fridays. That was.. interesting to behold.

Anyway, Dude and I had a lovely day date! I’m looking forward to doing it again soon 🙂



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