Down Goes Duke!

Last week was a not-so-great work week for me. By the time I got to Friday, I felt like I had been run through the wringer. All I needed to do was get to 5:00pm so I could go home and do my best to brush off my crappy week.

But then, the universe handed me a most wondrous gift.

One of my friends from college messaged me, “DUKE IS LOSING TO A SCHOOL CALLED MERCER WITH 1:33 LEFT!”

Now, for those of you who are newer around these here parts, let me fill in some blanks.

I went to University of Maryland, which was part of the ACC, but is moving to the Big 10 at the beginning of next academic year. Duke is also part of the ACC.

We hate Duke. A lot.

Seriously. I cannot overstate how much we loathe them.

Maryland students have a habit of lighting stuff on fire when we beat Duke in basketball (we’re not classy and we’re proud of it). The riot police may or may not have been called in to restore order my senior year of college. (They were.)

I opened up a live update stream in my browser and watched with bated breath as the last minute ticked down.

In case you don’t know what happened, here is a super helpful website that will give you the answer:


It brings this Maryland fan a great deal of joy when the Blue Devils fall spectacularly from their throne… Like in the first round of the NCAA Tournament to a 14 seed team that I never even heard of.

My Friday quickly turned into the best day ever. I seriously could not stop grinning.

Dude and I both arrivNCAA Tourneyed at our parents’ house that night in preparation for a Saturday full of quality family time.

When I arrived, Dude was sitting in the family room watching an old bowling special.

“Hey Dude!” I greeted him.

“No basketball,” Dude responded. (To understand Dude’s use of the word “no,” kindly refer to the Dude Language Guide.)

“I can probably find an NCAA game for you to watc–. OH MY GOSH!” I gasped. “DUDE, GUESS WHO LOST IN THE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT TODAY?”

Dude looked at me for a few seconds before answering, “Maryland!”

I laughed, “No, we weren’t even good enough to make the tournament. Do you remember a few years back, when I told you there was a team that we didn’t like just as much as the Dallas Cowboys?”

Dude said nothing.

“DUKE! DUKE LOST!” I yelled triumphantly. I may have even fist pumped a bit.

“Duke, yo,” Dude responded.

Twenty minutes later, Dad returned from work. He went into the family room to give Dude a hug.

“No basketball,” Dude said.

Dad got the same excited expression I had. “Dude, do you know who lost in basketball today?!”

“Duke, yo!” Dude happily replied.

He’s such a fast learner…I’m so proud!!!



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