This is not a real post

‘Sup nerds? Hope y’all don’t mind, but we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming. And by “regularly scheduled,” I mean “sporadic” since the last time I posted here was November. Oops.

Today’s post is going to be stream of consciousness word vomit not particularly centered on Dude. Enjoy.

Dude got his wisdom teeth removed two weeks before Christmas. He only had three, but one was impacted and had grown sideways in his jaw, which I’m guessing was moderately uncomfortable and thereby really frustrating for him because he can’t say, “Hey guys, OW!” He had some moderate swelling, but otherwise recovered beautifully.

Things that also happened two weeks before Christmas: our Pop Pop got routine bloodwork done at a routine physical with his primary care doctor and it was discovered he was in renal failure. SURPRISE. So that led to a week long stay in the hospital. Luckily, he is now doing much better.

I was not feeling the holiday season this year. I know I’ve written that the past few years, but it took on a whole other level this year. I was busy at work and then there was family stuff and I just didn’t feel like putting any energy towards Christmas. I barely pulled it together to buy gifts (me, Miss Always Prepared At Least Two Weeks Ahead of Deadlines), the only Christmas movie I halfheartedly watched prior to the holiday was Elf, and we didn’t even decorate our apartment.

My reward to myself for making it through the holiday was to do NOTHING for New Year’s. It. Was. Glorious. Normally, my New Year’s Eve involves buying a ticket to some open bar event in some East Coast city and then trying to keep track of my friends while avoiding strangers puking on me or falling on me (one year, a random large man literally fell like a tree onto my friend, knocking them both to the ground). This year, I politely declined all invitations, cooked myself and my one roommate an awesome dinner, watched When Harry Met Sally (picked it out because it’s a good movie, only realized the New Year’s relevancy once we started watching), thought about going up on the roof to see the fireworks at midnight but decided it was too cold, and was in bed by 12:05am. I woke up the next morning feeling well rested, and went to my first yoga class in over a year. I left feeling limber and refreshed and ready for 2015. I cannot over-emphasize how glorious it all was.

palm tree

Taken from my lounge chair on the beach while I was sipping a frozen tropical drink.

Shortly after the new year, a few college friends and I went to an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. As some of you may recall, I hate winter. I function fine when it’s in the 40s and even the 30s, but last winter broke me. It was some time in February 2014, on the 15th day in a row where the high was only in the upper teens, that I snapped and swore up and down that I would go somewhere warm in Winter 2015. It was one of the best ideas I’ve had in my life. It was 83 and sunny every single day. At home, it was 12 degrees and gray. I came back rocking a tan and feeling very refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the winter. I wish I had the money to make that trip an annual thing because it was perfect.

I am a dog person. I have a lot of friends who are dog people. Consequently, they repost shelter dogs in need of adoption on Facebook somewhat regularly. This is dangerous for me because my need to rescue and love a shelter dog is at an all time high right now. The only thing that’s keeping me from making a rash decision is the fact I don’t have the money or the space for a 35+lb dog. After the last family dog died, I said I would probably never get another animal because I get too heartbroken when they die. Apparently it takes me 8 years to forget the hurt and think another animal is a good idea.

The final season of Parks and Recreation is airing and they are KILLING IT. I can’t remember the last time I’ve consistently laughed out loud during a TV show, which makes me that much sadder that it’s ending.. But at least they’re going out on a high note! Side note: If anyone wants to get me the Complete Series of Parks and Recreation on DVD for my birthday in April, I’d be much obliged ;). Side side note: If you want to fall down a Parks and Rec YouTube hole, check out The Great Parks and Rec Clip War of 2014.

Also on the list of things I’m extremely excited for: Pitch Perfect 2. The trailers have been on point and I will be sad all day if they show all the funny stuff in the trailers and the movie stinks. I don’t think that’s likely, but you never know.

I’m currently hunkered down being all responsible with work and school and what not, which has me feeling a bit like a caged animal. Come the beginning of May, I’m gonna be all like FREEEEEDOOOMMMMM and think that any trip/excursion/activity sounds like a fan-freaking-tastic idea. I may or may not have already booked a flight to visit a friend down South. And I may or may not really want to drive up to Maine to go hiking and camping. So if you’ve been biding your time waiting for the right moment to pitch an idea to me, now is the time to do it since I will go for just about anything.

And finally, Happy Galentine’s Day to all the smart, fierce, caring women in my life!!! I’m happy you exist.


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