About Me

Greetings! My name is Julianne. Originally from the Greater Philadelphia area, I lived just outside of Washington, D.C. for four years while attending the University of Maryland (GO TERPS!). I returned to Pennsylvania in the summer of 2010 after accepting a job.

Appropriate self descriptors: lifelong learner, traveler, musician, lover of movement (yoga, volleyball, dance, hiking, biking), admirer of nature and its beauty, wannabe photographer who can’t yet rationalize spending an absurd amount of money on a nice camera, laughter enthusiast, tentative cook, history nerd, family-oriented, karma believer.

Having a younger sibling on the spectrum is the only life I have ever known. My brother was diagnosed before I even started kindergarten, so all of my earliest memories involve his therapy program. I wasn’t always thrilled about having a brother that was different, but I grew out of it, as typically developing siblings sometimes do. Ironically enough, he is probably the individual who has had the greatest impact on my life in many ways. I do not believe many people can say the same thing about their siblings!


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just found your blog today from your link to ‘Diary’, and it’s beautiful!! Your brother sounds a lot like my daughter and she is so much fun to have around. Your stories really display a wonderful love for him, lovely reading.

  2. Hi Julianne, Sarah shared your blog with me after we met on Saturday (thank you again for the use of your roof deck- Miss D. Loved it!). Your blog is terrific and your perspective is special. I am sharing it with the friend we spoke about and encouraging him to share it with his older kids. Dude is a lucky brother (and I suspect you are a lucky sister too).

    • Hi Stacey!! Thanks for stopping by! It was so nice to finally meet you and Miss D! I hope you enjoyed your visit :).

      Your friend may also be interested in reading adiaryofamom.wordpress.com. She’s based in MA just outside of Boston and is a HUGE advocate in the autism world. She knows a lot of people (movers and shakers as well as parents and providers on the front lines) and knows how things work in MA. Dads and moms alike comment on her blog, and her husband also has an online presence. Her blog is a really warm and welcoming community. That may be something your friend needs.

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