Dude Language Guide

It may be hard for outside readers to understand why the situations and one-liners I describe are funny, seeing as you are not around Dude on a daily basis and do not know his mannerisms and what is considered out of the ordinary. I will do my best to describe Dude, his idiosyncrasies, and the context of the situation as best I can.

A good starting point would be a description of Dude’s most common phrases and what they typically mean.

“No [insert activity, object, person, or concept here]”

Normally, if Dude puts “No” in front of something, it actually means he wants it. “No Around the World” means he wants to watch the DVD of a marching band performing their show, Around the World in 80 Days. “No pretzels in a cup” means he wants to have pretzels in his snack cup. “No cheerleaders” means he really wants the NFL cameramen to show the cheerleaders on the TV.

“Not yet”

There are two contexts in which Dude says “Not yet.”

1) He does NOT want to do something. Example: “Dude, you want to come downstairs and watch the Eagles game with the rest of the family?” “Not yet.” This basically means he would rather be left alone so he can listen to his music.

2) He has asked to do something and either my parents or I say no. He follows up our refusal with a hopeful, “Not yet” or “Not yet, but soon!” As in, you won’t let me do it now, but you will!!!

“Goodbye” (said in sing-song voice)

If you are in his room or in his zone, this means Dude wants you to leave his space immediately. He also says this when he retreats upstairs after getting home from school or socializing with the rest of the family.

“Soon we go to [insert place or activity here]”

This mean Dude wants to go to this place.. BADLY. Most common places are: Maryland, Red Lobster, and Cape May.

Cutting off words

Dude loves cutting off his words. Examples: “Soon we go to Mar-” instead of “Maryland” or “Droi” instead of “Droid” (he loves the Droid commercials because of the alien-sounding voice).

Repeat Repeat Repeat

Dude LOVES to repeat the same words and phrases again and again. We also have to watch what we say around him, because he’ll repeat things we say, in the exact tone we use.

“All gone” followed by “What’s all gone? I don’t knoooow”

Dude either says this when something is all finished, or he just says it randomly.


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